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December 3, 2020

1:00 PM at the RANCH

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Welcome to LCI Herefords

What an eye opening year it has been for all of us in western Canada, one for the books. With weather not being to our advantage this year and risk of fire I think put everyone on edge and anxious about next year. Like many cattlemen before me, we have seen much worse and that brings also a feeling of optimism because there is always a rainbow after the rain. There is however, so much that I am excited about in this year’s offering. This is our second group of exclusive two year old Herefords that have been selected from our herd as the best and are ready to set to work in your herd and prove where they came from. They stand behind our statement “Time Proven Quality- Every time”.

I am equally as impressed with our black Angus as well. Every year I am impressed by how “easy-doing” they are in some of the most extreme conditions. It’s that same “easy- doing” trait that makes me confident in saying that we are offering the same genetic “easy- doing” traits for your herd- the thickness, the muscling, strong females, the growth.

With everything becoming more into the digital age, we decided to continue this year with a video sale and have the cattle available for viewing just outside the barn. But not to worry because some things will stay the same such as how we will continue to winter the yearling bulls free of charge up to April 1, 2019. We also have delivery available after the sale up to a 300 mile radius. The 2 year old bulls can be wintered here for $200 each until April 1, 2019. And we also want to offer, because the year has turned out as it has, our sale terms of half cash sale day and remaining balance due June 1, 2019.

Please save the day of December 6, 2018 to attend the sale. Arrive early and receive a complimentary hot beef lunch beforehand. If you are unable to make the day but want more information or a look at the bulls and dams ahead of time, don’t let the sale date hold you back. We can show you around the cattle any time here at the ranch and can even arrange to take your bid over the phone or on reserve for sale day. Give a call any time and look forward to seeing you soon! See you soon!

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