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LCI/Doenz Ranches
December 7, 2023

1:00 PM at the ranch
Warner, AB

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Brad: 403-642-7694
Veronica: 403-642-7582

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Welcome to LCI Herefords

Wow, who would have guessed all the adversity people in agriculture have seen in 2021! It amazes me how everyday the world has such a need for agriculture and that we truly do feed the country and the world. Even after the decimating year that we've had, grain prices are at an all time high as are the chemical and fertilizer prices following that trend as well.and are said to be in limited quantity.

Through all this though it is apparent how completely and unabashedly resilient farmers and ranchers are. It really is in the hard times that character is forged, as is the same with the cattle seen here.They certainly have had less that ideal conditions to grow in. Even as bad as it was, these animals blew us and our expectations out of the water. I hope you feel the same way about our offering here.

As with any business, a great many things need to happen to bring any of this to fruition. Most importantly, we couldn't do any of this without people like you- ranchers and cattlemen that ride out some of the most difficult times and still remain optimistic enough to think about the next year and open this catalog and allow us an opportunity to present our best every year. It\s you who feed our family and allow us to work everyday doing things that some are only able to dream about. For that we are so grateful.

To help you with any questions you might have and to help make this as easy as possible, these guys (and gals this year) are open to viewing whenever you like. We'd gladly show you around. We also decided to continue with DLMS for the live bidding online on sale day and the video of the offering prior to the sale day. Also we are just a call away if anything comes up that you need help with to make selecting your next asset any easier.

Being the year as it was, you may want to consider our offer of half cash on sale day and remaining due June 1, 2022. Again, we are so grateful for an opportunity to bring our best to you and look forward to seeing you on December 1st.

Brad and Veronica
Jordy and Branson

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